We are the sisters Marleen and Janneke Schmidt. Our mission is to give as many young kids as possible, the tools to be mindful and able to deal with all kinds of feelings, thoughts and emotions.

We believe Kids Go Mindful speaks all languages. It gives children and their educators a meaningful tool to enhance their mental health and combat childhood anxiety. Through different meditations, breathing and movement exercises you can create a moment together with your child in which there is room for relaxation and loving attention for yourself and each other.

Zusjes Schmidt

Oprichters Kids Go Mindful

Marleen Schmidt

My name is Marleen, you’ll see me in the videos in the online training. I have a background as a pedagogue and currently work in primary education where I teach children about their mindset. A few years ago I followed a yoga teacher training in India, I also completed a specialized yoga teacher training for children and I am a mindfulness trainer. At the moment I am immersing myself in study of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. Where yoga is mainly about self-development and awareness, Ayurveda is about the knowledge of a healthy life. I love to combine all this knowledge and in the Kids Go Mindful family training it all comes together. I hope that the training can inspire you and that the love for yourself and each other may grow bright and bigger.

Janneke Schmidt

My name is Janneke and I enjoy working on Kids Go Mindful in the background. From illustrations to marketing, I am a Jack-of-all-trades. As an independent entrepreneur, I will set others into motion by creating beautiful content, strategic advice and providing the right tools for mental issues. In my quest for a mentally and physically happy life, I have learned a lot in the field of mindfulness, spirituality, nutrition and exercising. With my marketing & communication bachelor, coaching study, work experience and many courses, I put knowledge and experience into practice. I grant others - especially children - these insights, in order to lead a happier and easier life.