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Kids Go Mindful Family training

Would you like to learn more about your feelings, thoughts and emotions together with your child? Join us with the Kids Go Mindful training. A training for parents and children to create more space for relaxation, joy and loving attention. The training is suitable for children between 8 and 12 years old. 


We started the launch of the training in the Netherlands (visit the Dutch training page here) and will launch the English training in the course of 2021. 

Welcome to Kids Go Mindful, the platform for parents, teachers, and children to practice mindfulness. On this website you can find:

We believe Kids Go Mindful speaks all languages. It gives children and their educators a meaningful tool to enhance their mental health and combat childhood anxiety. Through different meditations, breathing and movement exercises you can create a moment together with your child in which there is room for relaxation and loving attention for yourself and each other.

Especially in a time with Corona, we believe it is important that all children have acces to these tools

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Our mission is to give as many young kids as possible, the tools to be mindful and able to deal with all kinds of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Therefore we started Kids Go Mindful. Since we believe - especially now during COVID19 - all children in the world should be introduced to mindfulness, we created the free e-book and free audio exercises. 


We are currently developing a program for schools and an online program for parents and children so all kids can train their mind. With this we are hoping to create a new generation with more love for themselves and for each other. 


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